Friday, September 1, 2017

September 2017 Newsletter

Evening Bible Classes: 
August 29th our Evening Bible Classes at CBBC have started. The subjects are the 2nd  part of the last semester: Give Attendance to Doctrine taught by me; How To Study The Bible taught by Bro Koasi; and Understanding Bible Prophecy taught by Bro Prince. Those in attendance are: Matthew Jr, Joseph, Linda, Benjamin, Elizebeth, Karen and a new student Albert. Please be in prayer for them, their faithfulness, and their spiritual growth.                                                                                                         

4th & 5th VBS: 
July 31st we started our 4th VBS since May in the Sekondi/Kojokrom areas. This VBS was at CBBC. We started with 150 and ended Friday the 4th with 191. The next week we had our mini 5th VBS in the village of Essiman.     We started with 189 and ended Wednesday with 215. It was a time of Sowing the Seed of the Gospel. At each VBS we gave  out to each child a John & Romans.                                                                                                        

On Friday August 4th we picked up our visitors, Dennis, a dentist and Zach, his son from the airport; Saturday morning was VBS soccer and visitation; the rest of Saturday was a Luncheon/Get-together at our house for the VBS workers who faithfully served at each VBS. It was a time for our church workers to meet with our visiting guests, food, and games. They were pretty rowdy playing the game “Pit”. Our visiting guest came and got right involved with our work here in Ghana. They told me before they came that they wanted to be involved and assist in getting the Gospel out and that we did! Sunday Dennis taught Sunday school; Sunday Evening Zach taught at our Kojokrom Bible Study; Monday morning we visited the church property along with visiting the village there in Ekuasi and Essiman to do a Dental Care Instruction Clinic on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. The sole purpose was to get the Gospel out to the Adults, so we did that at the registration tent. Registration was a simple process of getting a numbered slip of paper that they had to hold onto until all sessions were completely done. At the first tent, the Registration Tent, each adult was given a New Testament, and for about 30 minutes I explained and expounded on the verse of II Cor 5:21. With this being a religious country while explaining I was able to ask them questions to challenge their thoughts and then used that verse and other Bible verses to defuse many of their thoughts.  Our Morning sessions with the Dental decoy were very fruitful. It was a time of teaching, learning the truth, and some  receiving Christ. Then they went over to the Dentist’s Tent for their purpose of Dental Care instruction and education. After  the Dental sessions they were given a bag with toothpaste, a toothbrush, & dental floss. During Monday through Wednesday afternoons we did our 5th VBS were Zach got to use his energy chasing kids during their playtime while we taught and had them do some crafts. Along with supplying and bringing the dental supplies they brought a lot of candy, which goes against dental hygiene, and 5 different soccer balls for give-a-ways. After ministry during the days we were warn out. After supper we played some “intelligent” games that they brought. One game was called “Watch Your Mouth”! You might be interested in some pictures that we posted. I can’t explain all! As said, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. They also got to  experience hearing what the Charismatics and Ghanaians call “speaking in tongues”.       

These girls helped with lunch, chicken, cabbage stew and yam. 

Game of "Pit" at the table
Gospel/Registration Tent

On August the 18th CBBC hosted, a Youth Competition on the book of Galatians. In the morning we had 3 teaching sessions going on until lunch. After lunch we had the Competition Quiz among the 3 churches/works from Kansa, Cape Coast, and Sekondi. I taught on Salvation/Justification; Koasi taught on Son-Ship; and Prince on Servitude. These topics were brought together under “Our Liberty In Christ”, Gal 5:1-“Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.” The Competition Quiz was very exciting and very close. CBBC took 1st, Cape Coast took 2nd, and Kansa took 3rd place. It is a joy to hear and see others excited and challenged by God’s Word!     


Salvations & Baptism: 
Sunday, August the 27th we had a baptism at the ocean. Karen, a young lady, that came to our evening Bible classes last semester at church and was Saved a few months ago. Freedom, a young man of about 30, was a by-stander at a VBS we had for the kids at Nkotompo in June, a new village we are working on. A few weeks later he came to Sunday morning church and then a few weeks later he came back and told me after church that his prayers were not working. I ask him if the Lord was his Heavenly Father? Then I explained how he could be a child of God. Then he received Christ and has been coming faithfully ever since. Many people think the word "Confess" in Romans 10:9 & in I Jn 1:9 are the same. I explained to him the difference was that the Romans’ "Confess" is about becoming a son of God and that the I John "Confess"  is about one who is a son of God who needs to stay in fellowship with his Heavenly Father. The light of understanding came on, you could see his face as the truth just clicked. Prince and Koasi were with me when it happened! It was awesome! Amen! Special Note Of Importance: Our email was hacked in July and Disabled by Google. So we now have a New Email Address: and also a New Blog Page: You can view some pictures we post about each newsletter at our blog page, if you would like to see more of what you’re reading.

Matthew Siekbert

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